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Picture Framing your Artwork


There are different ways in which you can have your artwork mounted and framed.

Traditional mounting is where the artwork sits behind a beveled cut window and you view the artwork through the aperture of the mount. The mount is cut by hand and can be cut to your required size.

Framing A Art Piece Made from ClothFraming Stiched Artwork

Float mounting is popular with artists who produce artwork that requires the whole piece to be viewable. If you were considering framing a print or montage, which has deckled edges in keeping with the artwork it would take away the character of the piece if it were sat behind a mount.

Traditionally original prints have the mount so that the sides and top are equal and the bottom is larger, this can be exaggerated as little or as much as you wish in accordance to your own taste.

You may wish to exaggerate the height of you artwork and this can be achieved by using a mount, which is larger at the top and bottom than the two sides.

If you are a painter and wish to have stretcher bars made for your canvas we can do so or we can frame your pre made canvases in canvas wraps to give a professional finish.

White Picture Frame

  Deep Wooden Picture Frame
Canterbury Gallery Framing
Lime Wash Framed Illustraion
Framed Oil on Canvas
Framing an Oil Painting
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