We are gradually increasing our collection of bookbinding tools and equipment for book binding. In the studio we have many traditional tools and adapt these to create new one off books, which include a large selection of antique brass finishing fillets, rolls and pallets. These tools also aid us in the production of individual hand made card's and wedding invitation's. Other items we use to create custom made books are:

a small collectio of antique bookbinding tools for creating bespoke books

Finishing Press

This piece of equipment is a small, horizontal press, which we use for holding books whilst we are lettering or tooling on the spine.

bookbinding finishing press and laying press

Laying Press

This press is larger than the finishing press, and we use this for holding the books in place whilst backing and trimming the edges of the book papers (leaves).

selection of my bookbinding tools used for bespoke handmade books

Sewing Frame

We use this piece of wooden equipment to hold together the sections of the book whilst they are hand sewn together.

To find out more information on how we use bookbinding tools alongside letterpress printing, to create individual hand made card's, hand made greeting card's, unique wedding invitation's, hand made wedding card's and other arts and crafts items, or to discuss your needs, contact Emma.

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