Box Framing


Box framing


You will require a box frame if you have a 3D piece you wish to have framed or wish to have your artwork float mounted, look at mounting methods for more information on this. Box framing is also known as shadow boxing, this type of framing really optimises the purpose of custom framing. Box framing gives you the opportunity to have many things out on display which ordinarily would be stuck away in a draw so they do not get damaged. UV glass can be used to protect valuable items from fading, giving it the same protection as been in a draw, whilst been on display.


Perhaps you may wish to have a foot-ball shirt or a medal framed for some one as a gift. We have made box frames for parents who wish to preserve items for there children for when they grow up, for example an extra special sash or rosette, look under equine and medals for examples.

Box Framing with Oak FrameDeep Framing Behind Glass

Box framing can be used to dramatic effect with artwork to reinforce the meaning of the piece, an example of this is a photograph we framed with someone in water with the mount filleted away from the artwork to create the illusion of greater depth.

Box framing is quite commonly used amongst printmakers as they often have there high quality papers ripped down with deckle edges and therefore wish these to be viewable.


Box Framing in Canterbury Kent
Black Box Frame
Float Mounting and Box Framing
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