Framing - Certificates


Framing Certificates


At Accappella we frame certificates for private clients who wish to preserve their personal or children’s achievements to businesses that need to display certificates simply for functional reasons.

For businesses, by framing legislation certificates you can make them look more presentable, as the majority of certificates tend to be quite bland. Framing certificates will keep them looking tidy in their appearance as sheets of paper can start to look tatty and worn if put directly on to walls.

Certificates tend to be a neutral colour, therefore giving you the opportunity to have a greater choice of mount colours and frames, equally they will suit a very simple presentation. Different mounting methods can be used if you wish to enhance the presentation, you could choose a double or triple mount. This will add greater depth and there are many variations of colours for you to choose from.

With double mounting you can add a little colour to your frame without it been too over powering, by using a colourful inner mount with a neutral top mount you can add some colour without it been too overpowering.

Certificates can be combined with medals to show personal achievements as well as information about each item, please look at the medals section.



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