Conservation Framing


Conservation Framing


On top of presenting a print, a frame must also conserve the work, it is necessary to frame original prints and works on paper so that the artwork is not in contact with the glass, as this may cause condensation problems and buckle the paper.

Tracy_Emming_PictureFraming a Picasso

Tracey Emin Picasso

Good quality printmaking papers and valuable work deserve acid-free picture mount board, the cheapest of which is called p/h neutral. This term means the damaging acid content in the paper or board has been neutralised and will no longer be a serious threat, and helps reduce discolouration and foxing, which over time will damage and de-value artwork. The purest and safest picture mount board's are called "archival" or "museum" quality.

All backing board, papers, and tape, which will be in contact with the artwork when framed, will be acid free and ph neutral.

Conservation Framing London Canterbury KentBanksy_Framed_London

Banksy Banksy

There are many different types of glass, which help conserve artwork and improve the quality of the final framed picture. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice on which option would best suit your artwork and your specific needs.


Conservation Framing
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