Corporate Framing


Corporate Office Framing


We have a variety of corporate clients from small local businesses to large agencies in London. Whether you are a commercial bank in London or a small two-person office in Wye we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Office Framing London

The frame shown above was made to go in a boardroom of a premium finance lender in London. They were particularly proud of this advertising campaign and wished to have it on show. The method of framing used is a box frame incorporating white fillets, each individual campaign card was mounted on to board, and then raise float mounted on to mountboard. The White mount, silver frame and float mounting method create a very clean and contemporary presentation.

Framing work for an OfficeOffice Frames

Many commercial clients realise the benefits of providing an interesting and stimulating environment for both clients and employees alike. The environment you create speaks loudly as to the type of business you are. You will know first impressions in business are vital and therefore it is imperative to create a professional working image, if you have a superb piece of work, which you would like to show off to your potential clients we would ensure it is framed and presented the highest standard. A frame can make or break a piece of work and a poor frame can be very detrimental.

Box Framed Drawings
Map Framing for an Office
corporate office framing
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