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Football shirts are framed in box frames incorporating fillet’s around the inside edge of the frame, these support the glass and prevent it from touching the shirt. Ideal frames are deep and therefore can accommodate the extra depth needed for shirts, if you require a frame which is not extra deep we can customize the moulding by adding an extra box on to the back of the frame for you.

Football Shirt FramingFraming a Football Shirt

All football shirts need to be put into box frames but there are different ways in which these can be mounted within the frame. The first is to have the shirt floating on a single sheet of mount and then for the frame to come about an, 1’’ or so around the outer points of the shirt. Another popular way is to have the shirt floating on a sheet of mount, as with the first option but to then have a window mount against the glass so that it appears as if it is floating around the shirt, this could be a single mount or double mount.

Picture Framing a Football ShirtCanterbury Frmaing In Kent

Within the mounting we can incorporate window boxes with text of your choice or alternatively we can arrange plaques for you. Many customers like to add personal things like photographs in to the frame alongside the shirts.

There are many things, which you may wish to consider putting in to your frame, items like programme, medals, tickets, and autograph pages. We will need all the items you wish to include in the studio to design a layout and therefore have a final size for you before we will be able to give a final price.

Football Shirt Framing UK

The price of football shirt framing is different to each individual shirt as the size (measured in inches) the moulding choice and the glass all influences the final price.

If your sports shirt is signed we strongly recommend UV glass, which will help prevent the signatures from fading, this is more expensive than standard glass because of its nature, but is well worth the extra expense to preserve your shirt in a crisp condition.


All the shirts framed at Accappella are stitched by hand and are therefore totally reversible for the future if need be. All stitches are disguised as much as possible and with the minimum necessary amount used, this allows the shirts to hang more naturally.

Shirt Framing in LondonFootballshirt Framing in Kent

The studio works on an appointment basis so we see people one to one, at Accappella we do not operate set opening hours and we can normally be quite flexible.  If you would like to visit the studio to see the range of mouldings available please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a day and time. Alternatively many customers send their shirts via post, we can email you pictures of the mouldings, which are available for shirt framing. If you would like to do this and you have an idea of what type of frame you would like please advise us and we can email you applicable samples.

There are many mouldings available but the most popular for shirt framing are silver or black frames which are quite modern or plain wooden ones which can have various finishes on, there are different woods i.e. pine, ash, or oak.

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Football Shirt Framing UK
Framing a football Shirt
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