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Within the studio we have three traditional presses used for letter press, to print wooden type on and we are always looking to add to our selection of wooden type already used in production at the studio. The wooden type has great patina and produces prints with tactile qualities unattainable through modern practices.

Letterpress Canterbury Kent
Accappella Letterpress Kent

This quality makes them ideal for producing hand made wedding invitations and other occasions where you may wish to have a keep sake for future memories, they are pieces of art themselves and would look great framed on your wall. We also use them in the production of hand made card's: Hand made wedding card's, hand made greeting card's, hand made easter cards, etc

Olw Wooden Type In Accappella StudioWooden Letterpress Printing In Kent

The wooden type can be used in conjunction with traditional bookbinding methods, which are in practice here at Accappella. These traditional methods have a fantastic hand made quality, but yet are a very contemporary way of working.


Wooden Letterpress Type
Small selection of letterpress wooden type for printing  hand made cards & wedding invitation's
More wooden letterpress type for printmaking
Wooden Letterpress Letter in Letterpress Studio
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