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Letterpress is a traditional technique, which demands a physical involvement from the creator. It is this involvement, which allows ideas to evolve, the qualities inherent with printing by hand, the smell, the differences of pressure and texture create opportunities for creative thinking to evolve with great fluidity. Letterpress has an immediacy and directness with adaptability with in the decision making process, quite often it’s the ‘bad prints’ or ‘mistakes’ which turn out to be the most interesting.

Letterpress Canterbury Kent
Accappella Letterpress Kent

Many of the old wooden letters have a wonderful patina from their history creating personality and emotion within the work in a way that computers cannot replicate no matter how advanced they become. It is for this reason that Design agencies still call upon this traditional method of printing when looking for some thing that can bring a tactile quality to their work.

Letterpress Christmas Xmas Card

There is great potential for work created by hand such as Letterpress to interact with the use of computers. Many of the letterpress work we have created in the studio is at a later stage taken on to the computer and incorporated within designs. Letterpress printed at Accappella has been taken on and used on book covers, film titles, greeting cards and many more design projects.

At Accappella we have various wooden fonts available and can supply design agencies with full high resolution files of alphabets, some fonts we are able to produce up to 3 variations of each letter. If you are an agency considering using Letterpress please do not hesitate to contact the studio to discuss your individual requirements. For more information on the items used here in the studio please take a look at our letterpress page under the printmaking section.


Wooden Letterpress Printed for Ash Album Cover
Wooden Letterpress Printing
Letterpress Printing Kent
Letterpress Printing in Kent
Letterpress Printing London UK
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