Picture Framing Mount Board


Picture Frame Mount Board


Accappella has a full range of picture mount board as a part of our custom picture framing service. Chevrons are available for you to view and test against your artwork in the studio. Within this range there is almost every colour you can imagine with the option of:

White core - This means the cut bevel will be white and will not fade over time.

Standard - The bevel will have a slight brown tint to it and will change over time

Conservation - Acid free and will not discolour fragile work over time.

Black core - The bevel is black, often good for framing black and white photographs

Red Core - Red bevel

Blue Core - Blue bevel

Green Core - Green bevel

Jumbo - Mounts come in different thicknesses, the thicker the mount, the deeper the bevel, and the more dramatic the piece will look.

We have rag mat picture frame mount available, which is the definitive museum board made of the 100%solid cotton. Again within this range there are various colours and textures, including leathers, suede's and linens.

Picture mount is used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. They make your picture look more impressive, whilst keeping the glass from touching your work, a very important part of picture framing.

Picture Frame Mount Boardpicture framing board

There are two main categories of picture frame mount, acid-free and standard, to read about why you should use acid free picture mount to frame your original prints or any other valuable items, take a look at our conservation framing section under services. If you need any more information and are confused as to what option is appropriate for you we are happy to discuss this further with you, contact us by email or telephone.

Your artwork can be framed in a single, double or multiple mount's. With more than one mount, colours in your artwork can be brought out to enhance and sharpen the image. These colours help lead the eye from the frame to the image and make the image the focal point.


The size of the picture mount again is personal preference, a larger mount will allow the print to breath and therefore be more striking. Traditionally original prints are mounted with the sides and top equal and the bottom slightly larger, again this is for viewing purposes.

There are various techniques, which we use when mounting and they work well with individual pictures. We are happy to discuss different styles with you when you visit the studio, and you may take as long as you need to choose the perfect style and size of mount for your picture. We can give you expert advice on what colours and style of mounting would make the most of your picture.


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