Framing - Needlework


Framing Needlework


Needlework requires special mounting as the use of any tape or glue makes the framing irreversible and will inevitably damage the material over time. There are two methods, which should be used with needlework, either lacing or pinning, both of which are fully reversible.

Framing Needlework in Wooden FrameFraming Cross Stitch - Picture Framing

With the pinning method the needlework is stretched over foam board and pinned along the edges, where as with lacing thread is used to stitch the fabric around the foam board. Stretching the needlework over the foam board will prevent the piece from sagging.

Framing stiched artworkFraming Silk Paper


Burnt Oak Picture Frame
Patchwork Framing
Picture Framing in Kent - Needlework
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