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Framing Photographs


We frame photographs from professional photography studios to holiday snaps, the frame and mounting method you choose can dramatically change the feel of your picture. We can look at your picture with you and choose the best solution to suit your taste and photograph.

You can have your photograph framed in many ways, from single aperture frames with a single window mount to raised float mounted box frames. For more examples of this please look at the Box framing page. If you are unsure on what you would like, or know exactly what you would like, but just do not know how to achieve it we are quite happy to discuss your options with you here in the studio.

Bronze Picture Frame

If you wish to enhance the presentation of your photograph you could consider a double or triple mount. This will add greater depth and there are many variations of colours to choose from. With double mounting you can add a little colour to your frame without it been too over powering, by using a coloured inner mount with a neutral top mount you can enhance certain colours in the artwork without the overall frame looking too dark.

Slips, which match your chosen frame, can be used to great effect with photographs, they do a similar job as the inner mount on a double mount. Slips sit around the photograph with a mount between the slip and frame, we can make this to any size or colour of your choice.

You may have more than one picture but wish them to be in the same frame, perhaps for a group of photographs, for this you will need a multi-aperture mount or a box frame as a triptych for example.

Photographs can be added to other items to add a personal touch, for example with medals or certificates. Please take a look at the Medal framing page for more pictures.

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