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Posters can be framed in many different ways, for different mounting methods please look at the mounting methods and box framing pages.

Box framing is very popular with posters as many posters do not need extra borders and have a more dramatic effect when standing alone with a frame.

Oversize Poster FramingLarge Bronze Gold Frame

For posters to be box framed they will need to mounted down as they need the rigidity of the mounting board to keep them lying flat. Before you choose this method you will need to consider the value of your poster you are having framed, although mounting the poster down gives a perfect flat and rigid surface to enable us to frame using the box framing method, the mounting is non-reversible, meaning your poster will be permanently stuck to a mounting board.

Framing a Poster in KentOriental Framed Poster

For the majority of posters this is not a problem at all and enables them to be presented in a very pleasing way, but for high value posters this method is not advisable. Collectors like with other collectable pieces will devalue posters to a great extent if they have been mounted down. In this instance you will need to consider conservation framing methods, which are explained on the conservation framing page.

James Bond Poster
James Bond Picture Framing
Silver Frame for Poster
Twiggy Framed Poster
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