Printmaking - Screen Printing, Etching & Letterpress


The printmaking methods we use in the studio to produce original art and limited edition prints, are primarily screen printing (also known as silkscreen or screenprinting) and etching. We are currently building our collection of letterpress wooden type, which is used for hand made card's, hand made wedding invitation's and typography. The original prints are produced using printmaking methods, which are a fusion between traditional techniques and modern technology.

Printmaking nipping press in the studio for letterpressCast Iron Atlas Printing Press

Printmaking traditionally involves producing plates, screens blocks and stone. To make a print produces characteristic visual qualities different from those of a directly drawn or painted picture.

Standing press for printmaking and bookbindingWooden Bookbinding Press

To see how we incorporate screen printing, letterpress and etching to produce original art and limited edition prints, please visit our online art gallery.


Old Printing Press
Cast Iron Atlas Press
Letterpress Printing Press
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