Frame Restoration


Picture Frame Restoration

At Accappella we restore antique frames on behalf of private clients and businesses. Every frame we have in to the studio is individual and presents diverse challenges, as each frame has itís own uniqueness.

The methods and materials used in the studio are sympathetic to each individual frame. With some frames it is necessary to use a great deal of hand modeling presenting the need for a high level of artistic knowledge and ability. Others, which have full decorative areas intact, can have moulds taken from them to aid in the reconstruction of damaged areas.




Re-creating the detail on the frames is only half of the restoration process, great care and attention is put into matching the finish on each frame. The beauty of their detail is only a component of what makes antique frames so desirable, many people have an empathy with their patina and visible age. For this reason it is vital where possible to retain this beauty and replicate it on the new modeling ensuring the new finish blends with the old.



  Picture Frame Restoration

In the studio we restore the frames to look their age but in good order, Part of the skill in restoration is knowing when to stop working on the finish as many restored frames simply look new and that detracts from what the frame is about. Occasionally frames come to the studio where the finish is barely visible, in this instance a custom finish of your choice can be applied.

Throughout restoration the process is documented with photographs and on completion you will be presented with a visual record showing the stages of restoration.

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