Silk Screen Printing


Printmaking - Silk Screen Printing


Screen Printing also known as 'silkscreen or screenprinting', differs from other printing processes, in that the print is not taken from the direct impression of one surface upon another, like etching for example. Screen printing is essentially a stenciling process and the image is created, by printing through an intermediary surface (the screen mesh). We like to use screenprinting as it is an extremely versatile printing medium, which can be adapted to many different contexts of work.

natgraph screenprinting bed for the production of my limited edition prints

The advantage of screen printing is that you can produce extremely flat areas of colour, which can not be easily obtained with paint and a brush. We have produced extremely detailed prints consisting of about sixteen layers of colour (through using the photo silk screen printing process) to more autographic screen prints.

Please visit our online art gallery to see examples of limited edition prints which contain the screen printing proccess.



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