Web Design


Web Design


For enquireys into how Accappella can help you achieve the best from your website needs, please contact: jason@accappellastudio.co.uk.



FM-Unloacked gave us a great opportunity to be slick and creative, given the product is aimed at design and advertising agencies.

On this site, we built an interactive demo of the clients product, run by an external xml database enabling the client to edit the copy himslef.


We had the oportunity with the Kendra Sinclair website, to realy push the sophisticated brand and produce an easy to navigate website, aimed at top end, London/New York/Berlin business men/women.

Web Site Design Ashford


With topoptic we worked with pluspurple to produce a flash based site for an optician company called Topoptic.

By using flash, we were able to concrete the idea of making it visualy stimulating for the user.
The use of bright colours and movement, helps to stimulate the eye, which fits to the potential users of this optician site.

Web Design Kent


With this website we worked closely with the client to produce a very simple website which reflected the style of her work. The site is easy to navigate and is far from fussy, keeping in clean and easy to use.

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